Calculating The Export Market Development Grant

How is the the Export Market Grant Calculated?

Through EMDG claimants receive back 50% of the eligible expenditure (up to a maximum of $150,000) above $5,000, although a minimum of $15,000 of marketing expenditure is required. Below is a worked example. 
Overseas Representative $35,000
Marketing Consultant       $10,000 
Travel                                     $15,000
Trade Show Costs               $ 5,000
Promotional Literature   $25,000
Total Eligible Expense     $90,000
Subtract $5,000 gives     $85,000
50% of $85,000 is $42,500. Therefore the approved grant amount is $42,500.
Austrade has confirmed the initial grant amount to be paid for the 2020-2021 will be $30,000. Approved grant amounts above the initial $30,000 payment will be paid in June 2022 dependent on sufficient funding in the EMDG budget.